Wording provides a variety of language services in Swedish and English.
Wording holds strong linguistic skills with a genuine knowledge of technical terminology in all science subjects including forestry, agriculture, nature conservation, and environmental science.
Wording addresses private companies, public authorities, organisations, publishers, educational establishments, and individuals.

About Wording
Wording is run by me, Anita Lundmark. I am a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a chemical and ecological orientation.

I have also specialised in forests and forestry during ten years of research and teaching at The Faculty of Forestry at The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. I have many years' experience of writing, literature reviewing, and publishing in Swedish and English.

My language skills were developed at The English Language Centre in Brighton and Hove, England, and at Folkuniversitetet in Sweden. In December 1999 I was awarded a Certificate Grade A in the examination for the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English.

About our services
Your linguistic headaches are Wording's challenge and we aim at solutions meeting your needs.
We collaborate closely with the clients to ensure that the words communicate their intended message. High standards and deadlines are of utmost importance and so we guarantee all our services, meaning that our task is not completed until you are satisfied with the results.

Wording offers translations both from Swedish to English and from English to Swedish. We translate most texts or documents, such as letters, reports, expositions, articles, brochures, instructions, and texts for web sites.

Wording's general language proficiency is supplemented by our qualifications in science terminology in e.g. biology, chemistry, ecology, nature conservation, environmental science, forestry, and agriculture.

Proofreading/copy editing
Wording provides proofreading and/or copy editing of Swedish and English texts.

Proofreading is the correction of misprints, misspellings, faulty punctuation, and grammatical errors, ensuring that the text is technically correct. Copy editing produces maximum clarity and impact by checking vocabulary, phrases, sentence structure, paragraphing, and even content. In most cases a combination of proofreading and copy editing creates the best end results.

Wording produces almost any text or document you wish in Swedish and English. It may be the design for a formal letter or writing the text for a report, information brochure, or an advertisement. We also offer insertion of images and other illustrations into the document.

Literature reviewing
Wording offers research services such as reviewing, summarising, or covering of specific topics or publications in Swedish and/or English according to your requirements. These services may, if you wish, include searching the internet for information.

You are most welcome at any time to use our consulting service for any occurring language query or text problem. It may be just a short question but it may also imply continuous support during e.g. report production.

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